Re-Elect Russ Stephenson,
Raleigh City Councilor At-Large


Help Raleigh grow better, not just bigger.


Raleigh is growing, rapidly. Growth brings challenges — and opportunities. Russ Stephenson is uniquely qualified to make sure Raleigh remains a great home for all our citizens.
Russ has the strongest record of sustainable growth decisions that have been good for our economy, good for our environment, and vital for our quality of life.
  • Professional Skills: Trained in Environmental Design, LEED Architecture & Urban Design
  • Record of Success: worked to bring Raleigh to the top of national rankings
  • Policy Leadership: in environmental & sustainable growth initiatives
  • Vision in Action: leading efforts to increase affordable housing & equity
  • Sierra Club Life Member: Endorsed by the Sierra Club in every election

Financial Responsibility

Russ meeting with stakeholders

Fiscally conservative policies and budgets that have allowed the city to maintain a AAA bond rating continuously since 1973. Making growth pay for growth is the only way to mitigate the city’s most significant portion of debt: Expansion of services for our growing population. 

Shared Prosperity

Russ cleaning up Oberlin Cemetery with Sabrina Goode

How we share the benefits of a healthy economy and a high quality of life within our community is the measure of a great city. Beyond essential needs like food, shelter, and basic health care, a great city creates opportunities for all who desire to work hard toward achieving the American Dream.

Quality Growth

Raleigh Downtown Skyline

For Russ, quality growth begins with quality planning. Raleigh’s 2039 comprehensive plan assures Raleigh a smart route to sustainable growth. People-friendly infrastructure makes a tremendous contribution to the quality of life as does healthy, safe neighborhoods.



High-quality natural resources, accessible green places, and outdoor recreational opportunities are crucial to our health. As a city, competing nationally and beyond for the best jobs and companies, the quality of our environment is an enormous draw. Russ is proud to have the Sierra Club’s endorsement for every Council election since 2005 for my environmental stewardship. 

Learn where Russ stands.


Help Raleigh grow better, not just bigger.