2019 Fall Re-Election Fundraiser

2019 Fall Re-Election Fundraiser
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Dear Friends, 

My name is Matthew Brown. On September 12, I will have the honor of hosting a fundraiser for Russ Stephenson, who is running for reelection to Raleigh City Council, at large.

Russ is among the finest public servants I have ever known. He works hard every day to make Raleigh a wonderful city for all its citizens! He is especially dedicated to:

  • Promoting high-quality growth that also protects neighborhoods
  • Protecting our natural and historic resources
  • Making sure Raleigh works for ALL its citizens
  • Promoting development that pays its way without burdening taxpayers
  • Listening to all voices and building consensus on difficult issues

Russ is smart, honest, and hard working, and we are very fortunate to have his knowledge and wisdom on our City Council! 

Please come visit beautiful Lamar Hall, enjoy the culinary masterpieces of chefs Stacy Murphy & Chris Crew, and pastry chef Ellen Longino, have a drink or two, and chat with Russ about the things that matter to Raleigh’s future!

This fundraiser is also special because it is SO CHEAP! Only $35! However, if you appreciate Russ’s hard work and would like to contribute more, we would love to list you as a sponsor.

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Thank you!! I look forward to seeing you on September 12!

Matthew Brown
401 N. Person St.