Affordable Housing: Actions or Words

Affordable Housing: Actions or Words

When you vote on or by October 8, you’ll notice there is no Affordable Housing bond on the ballot.

Since January of 2018, I worked diligently to get that option in front you—Raleigh’s citizens. It takes five votes, not four, to put a bond referendum on the ballot. I had the support of David Cox, Kay Crowder, and Stefanie Mendell, but we were blocked at the last Council meeting by the lack of a fifth vote.

Raleigh is experiencing phenomenal, unprecedented growth. As the only council member with first-hand experience and training in urban planning, the subject of affordable housing is close to me.

We must keep Raleigh affordable or risk of losing so much of the diversity and character the city has developed over the years.

This October you can vote for me—someone ready to take action—or choose more delay and empty words from other candidates.

Affordable housing is a complex subject. There’s no silver bullet that can solve it for us. That’s why I am leading Raleigh City Council with multiple policy initiatives in regulatory reform, voluntary affordable housing conditions, and a Comprehensive Citywide Housing Affordability Study. Having solid information is vital to making the right decisions around this challenging subject. 

Despite the roadblocks of the past 21 months, I’m pressing forward for an affordable housing bond in March 2020.

The Vision and Experience to Fight for Affordable Housing

We can step up our support for affordable housing in a variety of ways. A bond issue is integral to all of them. Other cities in North Carolina agree.

That’s why Charlotte passed a $50 million bond issue for affordable housing (in addition to $50 million raised from donors). That’s why Durham is voting on a $95 million bond issue this fall.

They’re taking action to keep their cities affordable as they grow. I’m ready. Raleigh is ready. Please, elect a City Council that will lead on this issue. It’s time for more than lip service on affordable housing in Raleigh. 

I’m leading on this issue. I respectfully ask for your help when you go to the polls.

There’s More to Do

If you want affordable housing in Raleigh, I’m you candidate. I’ve been pushing Raleigh to be in the forefront of this issue while others have us lagging behind our neighbors.

We’ve been working together since 2003 on how to make sure Raleigh grows better, not just bigger. Affordable housing is a big part of that.

Whether you’re voting early or at the pools on October 8, I’d ask you to vote for me so we can continue this work together.

If you can, your donations help me continue championing smart decisions for all of Raleigh’s citizens.