Election Wrap Up

I want to congratulate all of the winners in this Council election, especially Johnathan Melton. Governing is about a little bit of conflict and a lot of compromise. The new council will soon move from campaigning to the hard work of balancing budgets and competing interests. I hope they all commit to finding common ground.

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Today is Election Day

If you’ve not already voted, I urge you to vote tomorrow, October 8. Raleigh is at an extraordinary crossroads. Tomorrow’s Raleigh city council vote will determine the decisions we make on several challenges we face together. I have the strongest record of sustainable growth decisions that have been good for our economy, good for our environment, and vital for our quality of life. I’m humbly asking for the opportunity to continue working to make sure Raleigh remains a great home for all our citizens.

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Affordable Housing: Actions or Words

Since January of 2018, I worked diligently to put an affordable housing bond referendum on the ballot. The short version? We, I and three other councilors, were blocked at every turn. That’s why there’s no affordable housing bond referendum on this year’s ballot. Vote for me, Russ Stephenson, if you’re ready for action and not merely words.

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