Building Visionary Stewardship

Building Visionary Stewardship

Yesterday’s front-page story in the News & Observer chronicles the next step in re-envisioning one of downtown Raleigh’s most polluted streams.  What has been a neglected channel suitable only for flushing downtown’s stormwater waste will become a valuable linear park.  The re-envisioned Pigeon House Branch will anchor the redevelopment of blighted industrial areas along its course. 


Charlotte uncovered their own forgotten Sugar Creek several years ago.  Now it is the most highly traveled bike-share greenway in all of Charlotte.



As Council’s only LEED-Accredited professional (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), the evolving Devereux Meadows transformation represents the philosophy that has always guided my Council work: For Raleigh to be healthy and prosperous in the long run, we must re-envision the relationship between natural and man-made systems. By planning future growth that transforms neglected and devalued natural systems like Pigeon House Branch, we create healthy environmental assets that add to our quality of life.