Election Wrap Up

Election Wrap Up
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I want to begin by offering my deep respect for every person who has put themselves before the voters for Raleigh City Council. Those who have served know the job offers few financial rewards, but rather the satisfaction of working to fulfill the dreams and aspirations of all Raleigh citizens.

Raleigh should be proud of the many accomplishments and accolades we have received. They are all the result of thoughtful and persevering leadership. That said, I feel I have been the greatest beneficiary of all. My time on council provided the opportunity to make enduring friendships and work with so many talented people who cared more about Raleigh than anything.

I want to congratulate all of the winners in this Council election, especially Johnathan Melton. Johnathan ran a strong campaign based on progressive and positive messages—messages that I have aspired to throughout my Council service.

On the campaign trail, I have repeated one of Jonathan’s stump comments: Governing is about a little bit of conflict and a lot of compromise. The new council will soon move from campaigning to the hard work of balancing budgets and competing interests. I hope they all embrace Jonathan’s commitment to finding common ground. It’s the only means to resist the increasingly polarized, personalized, and monetized politics. Finding common ground lets us focus on the common good.