High-quality natural resources, accessible green places, and outdoor recreational opportunities are critical to our health.

As a city, competing nationally and beyond for the best jobs and companies, the quality of our environment is an enormous draw. Russ is proud to have the Sierra Club’s endorsement for every Council election since 2005 for my environmental stewardship. 

Today, Raleigh enjoys national accolades for its excellent greenway system. Back in 2006, Raleigh did not have a single nature park.  

Russ led efforts to designate Horseshoe Farm Park as Raleigh’s first nature park. That designation spurred an increase in citizen participation, and Raleigh opened its second nature park: Annie Louise Wilkerson Nature Park. Both parks connect to our award-winning greenway system, including a pedestrian suspension bridge over the Neuse River.

Dix Park could be the most important economic development and jobs creator of our time. Russ is committed to creating a space that provides the best long-term benefits for all of us.