Stop the RDU Quarry and Protect Umstead State Park

The RDU Airport Authority plan is a bad deal for Raleigh’s citizens—both today’s and tomorrow’s. The Airport Authority will effectively destroy the land they are leasing from us. A quarry, by definition, will remove our property to a depth of 400 feet. That’s not a sublease: it’s a truckload sale.

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2019 Fall Re-Election Fundraiser

Get Tickets Now! Dear Friends,  My name is Matthew Brown. On September 12, I will have the honor of hosting a fundraiser for Russ Stephenson, who is running for reelection to Raleigh City Council, at large. Russ is among the…

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Why is the Quarry Lease Such a Big Deal?

THE RDU QUARRY LEASE - WHY IS THIS SUCH A BIG DEAL? Russ Stephenson Below are comments about why this issue has become such a big deal. My full statement opposing the RDU quarry lease is here: DOES THE CITY…

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Why I Oppose the RDU Quarry

Here’s Why I Oppose the Quarry Deal I am one of the four Raleigh Councilors who voted to pause the quarry deal on March 5th. I also spoke at the Umstead Rally on July 27th against the deal struck by…

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Governing To Serve All Citizens

The NC Legislature just released new maps on how they envision re-drawing districts in the state. Below are the comments I submitted on the proposed 2017 Redistricting Plans: Good afternoon my name is Russ Stephenson. I have been a Raleigh…

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More Affordable Housing for Raleigh

In the current economic recovery, incomes for many US citizens have not kept pace with the rising cost of living and the gap is getting wider. In growing urban areas like Raleigh1 and across the country, the gap between stagnant…

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Building Visionary Stewardship

Yesterday's front-page story in the News & Observer chronicles the next step in re-envisioning one of downtown Raleigh's most polluted streams.  What has been a neglected channel suitable only for flushing downtown's stormwater waste will become a valuable linear park. …

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Moving Forward for Citizen Empowerment

  Full house in support of Citizen Advisory Councils at the June 6th City Council meeting. It was wonderful to see so many thoughtful and dedicated folks attend last night's City Council meeting to talk about citizen engagement and the…

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Listening to Citizen Voices

Thanks to the N&O for taking on the difficult task of finding common ground in today’s polarized debates. (May 16, ‘N&O forum will focus on talking across the political divide’) While Raleigh has been the calm eye at the center…

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Citizen Engagement

Yesterday, the Raleigh City Council was presented with the Citizen Engagement Task Force’s recommendations for re-shaping the process by which Raleigh handles community-city dialog. I’ve received a number of questions about my vote on the issue of creating a new…

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