Stop the RDU Quarry and Protect Umstead State Park

Stop the RDU Quarry and Protect Umstead State Park
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“The RDU Airport Authority wants to turn our 105-acre forest next to Umstead State Park into a polluting pit 400 feet deep. In my years on Council, there has never been such a thoughtless and misguided attack on our environment.”
—Councilor Russ Stephenson Speaking to Environmentalists at Umstead State Park

The RDU Airport Authority plan is a bad deal for Raleigh’s citizens—both today’s and tomorrow’s. The Airport Authority will effectively destroy the land they are leasing from us. A quarry, by definition, will remove our property to a depth of 400 feet. That’s not a sublease: it’s a truckload sale. 

Environmentalism is long-term. When it butts up against short-term financial considerations, that’s where the trouble begins. The Airport Authority has already made moves to weaken Neuse River Buffer Rules—the rules in place to protect our region’s water quality. A compromise must be reached that protects Raleigh’s natural resources for future generations.

“I am determined to find a win-win solution that’s good for the airport and good for the environment.” —Russ Stephenson

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