Today is Election Day

Today is Election Day
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If you’ve not already voted, I urge you to vote today, October 8. We’re at an extraordinary crossroads for our home. Today’s Raleigh City Council vote will determine the decisions we make on several challenges we face together:

  • The RDU quarry deal is an unprecedented attack on Umstead Park and our environment. I am one of the four Councilors who has fought the quarry deal since March. I will continue to fight for a better outcome: one that is good for the airport and for our environment.
  • Our neighborhoods are under assault from pro-development forces: clear-cutting lots and bulldozing affordable homes to squeeze in overscaled McMansions. I am the only leading at-large candidate who has refused campaign cash from pro-development PACs. My entire Council service has been focused on quality growth. Raleigh needs to grow better, not just bigger.
  • We need much more Affordable Housing. For nearly two years, I’ve led efforts to increase the supply of affordable housing in Raleigh. But there is more to do. That is why I am continuing to lead Council efforts to hold an Affordable Housing Bond in 2020.

I have the longest and strongest record of sustainable growth decisions that have revitalized Raleigh and put us at the top of national rankings as a great place to live, work, start a job, raise a family and retire. My decisions have been consistently good for our economy, good for our environment, and great for our quality of life.

I’m humbly asking for the opportunity to continue working to make sure Raleigh remains a great home for all our citizens.

See you at the polls.

Edit: This post was published October 7, 2019. Originally, titled “Tomorrow is Election Day.” Due to issues with our email service, we’ve updated the title and language to reflect that today, October 8, 2019, is Election Day.